Max Khetpachernchai coach at The Fitsmith

Max Khetpachernchai

CSCS, FRCms, Pn1 - Owner

As a self-proclaimed fitness nerd, Max is a lifelong student of health and fitness. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and he wants to use his knowledge to help you become a better version of yourself. Max knows that the best plan is the one that you will stick with long-term, and he will seek to understand you in order for you to reach your goals!

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Cam McKay coach at The Fitsmith

Cam McKay

BS, CSCS - Head Coach

With over 6 years of experience, you can witness Cam’s boundless knowledge and passion for fitness as soon as you step into The Fitsmith. He brings out the best in everyone and will push your limits to help you reach new personal records (often as he’s singing along to whatever catchy music is playing).

Cam can help you curate any personalized training program, goals, and budget.

Ryan Phillips coach at The Fitsmith

Ryan Phillips

CPT - Coach

Life has a way of teaching you the lessons you really need to learn. That is certainly the case with Ryan, who through numerous personal injuries, trials, and errors, has steadily built a knowledge, understanding, and most importantly – a respect for fitness and nutrition. With over 7 years of training, both in the military and on the civilian side, Ryan brings his discipline, expansive knowledge and experience to every training session.

If you not only want to be challenged and held accountable, but also taught how to move properly, in a functional, athletic way, reach out to Ryan – he will be happy to help!

Gabby Acugiana coach at The Fitsmith

Gabby Acugiana

BS - Trainer

Gabby earned her degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in athletic coaching, which is where her passion for health and fitness flourished (including countless Zumba classes with her mother). Her mission is to help people feel strong, healthy, confident, and, most of all, happy! Gabby is a big believer that a workout routine should not only be effective and challenging, but also enjoyable and sustainable for lifelong health.

Most importantly, she recognizes the necessity of truly knowing her clients. Gabby makes sure to develop a collaborative relationship with you, so that she can employ the best approach to promote your goals and an overall healthy lifestyle!


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